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  While I was wondering how to actually start blogging I was drinking my morning Lavazza cup and got to thinking of how much I love the smell of fresh coffee in the early hours of the day. This must one of the few things which can fresh me up when I’m sleepy. Just the smell of it.  It’s like when the winter is gone and the spring is coming…Just starting a new day… Just a small piece of morning coffee smell is enough. Does anyone know that ad of Jacobs where the kid wants to call Santa and he’s making a hot coffee to take his attention on with the smell? It’s something like that. I do think a lot of people are taking the drink as a refreshment today.  It’s more like a tool for meetings or dates or breaks.. You know how we always say: “Let’s go for a coffee”…even if we don’t actually drink one. Does anyone have the same feeling?

More or less everybody has different attitude. I was trying to become a tea person lately but it didn’t work. It never will unless it becomes necessary. Coffee will always remain my number 1 favorite smell for the morning.