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What I like most about this beautiful green vegetable is the amazing fresh taste and how it goes with almost each meal. What I haven’t suspected though is that these ladies [at least they are female in my country :))] are the richest vegetables of Vitamin C in all the Flora Kingdom. I was always thinking these were the citrus but..nope! Peppers are on the other side poor when related to proteins, fats and carbohydrates which doesn’t make them very nutritious but who cares? I’m sure everyone takes them because of the amazing flavour, not the components, right?  Green peppers also consist of essential oils which are bringing the strong smell and even though it is one very healthy vegetable it’s not recommended for people with digestive disorder. And in order not to get very scientific let me just add that despite of the last fact green peppers are very very recommended for diets or any diseases related to heart, liver and gall.