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My friend said the other day: “Better be fat but satisfied than fat but hungry”. I’m eating a cucumber for a dinner three times in a row already and I’m thinking how right she is. Enjoying a meal is one of my favourite things and I adore people who do it like a ritual. I’ve read a book recently which is called “Wine affair”. The author Peter Mayle obviously loves France and everything connected with it but mostly French food and wine and the attitude of French people to it. What I love about his books is the way he talks about food, how he describes smells, flavours and anything. You inevitably start salivating. I’ve started with these words as the recipe I’m going to share is part French part Italian….well…it depends on the way you eat it.

Is’t this amazing?! All of these are masterpieces. I still wonder why there isn’t a food gallery…for meal exhibitions. That would be amazing.  Let me introduce you their majesty, The Ingredients:

For 6 Brousquettes:

3 baguettes cut in half. The type of the bread depends on your flavour.

1 large tomato cut in small cubes

10 olives

1 can tuna fish

the juice of one lemon

3 tea spoons of pesto sauce

1 clove of garlic

150 gr cheese crushed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Better do it with a spoon in order not to smash them. Spread the mixture over the slices. Heat the oven to 160°C .  The Brousquettes need to be baked for not more than 10 minutes. Otherwise they will become dry which is not the effect we desire. 10 minutes are the perfect time for delicious, perfect brousquettes.

What you simply need at the end is a bottle of your favourite wine. By the way they perfectly go with fresh salad with parmesan or several cherry tomatoes with olives.

Well, you’d like to invite friends for dinner, this is the perfect easy, fast, and delicious choice.