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What this post is all about is that Autumn came a bit late this year and the leaves in Bulgaria are still green when it is already almost middle October and usually at this time of the year I’m becoming a little more jazzy than usual. I’m really not the kind of person who adores only one type of music. Of course I have my styles…but anyway..

Have you ever think about connecting the season with a specific music style? It’s like what you choose to eat depending on the weather.  At summer time you prefer easy meals as the temperatures are killing you and it is too hot to eat hard stuff, let’s say, meat or anything with more fat. While in the winter people prefer The Hard Stuff, they don’t usually eat salads or fruits so much because this is actually what the body wants.

 What I mean is that people are so unaware or at least don’t think much of how the Earth reflects on our minds.   Let’s accept the fact that Spring is the Season which makes Nature and Humans wake up from the winter kind of living and life begins again….the  music I subconsciously start to look for is refreshing….vigorous, suitable for flirting. People start everything all over again – cleaning their houses, making plans (which most likely  they don’t carry out at all), start a small new life.

 In the summertime the party starts – holidays at the seaside, couples making out in the parks or wherever is possible and anything else connecting to night life – this is where the summer hits take place. Everyone remembers what it was like to be a teenager, or if you are one – you just re-discover your own world.

 Autumn is different …most people take it as sentimental and nostalgic season because the summer has ended and the party time finished with it. However I like the smell of rotten yellow and red leaves, the soft autumn rain and wind and the fact the people actually start building their rhythm again – kids start school, adults end their holidays and start moving their asses again at work. So for me this is the new beginning. You calm yourself by thinking that everything that wasn’t right so far will get better as the wheel started to roll again. What I do is just jazz it a little but mainly highlight on the brit/alternative rock part (this is the moment to admit that I’m a huge fan of the English music, not talking about the commercial one of course).

 And here comes the winter ….is there anybody who doesn’t like winter??? Everyone who lives or has lived in a place where there is snow in winter time, loves Winter, loves Christmas, loves warm evenings with friends/family/lovers/wine/frank Sinatra/black&white movies and everything else connected with this season, right? I call it “Time of Tom&Jerry music” Take time to watch one series of the cartoon and you’ll get what I mean.

So… Below is my seasonal playlist:

Any English bands or solo singers from each era – Spring

Reggae, smooth jazz, some summer selections, bosa nova – Summer

Britpop and alternative rock + music from old movies – Autumn

Winter – absolutely ultimatly Classic Jazz

Can you share the same? Or different? Or anything!?!??