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I’m a kind of a person who just have to shop in nostalgia stores or have one. If you are wondering what a nostalgia shop is – this is a kind of place where people sell things from the past, old stuff, objects nobody uses anymore like transistors, old gramophones with pipes like a trumpet and also those telephone devices with the disc in the middle if you remember.

All those objects mean a lot more to me than any smart phone or any other thing that makes life today run a lot faster than it actually does. Just think a little bit – those of you who remember the era with no cell phones and no e-mail addresses – people were less nervous, less worried and a lot more cheerful. Now if you call your mother and she doesn’t pick up on the third time the phone rings or doesn’t return the call you start worrying and thinking what the hell happened when she only was just in the bath or in the WC or her battery died while she was shopping outside. Another thing: I used to have pen palls when I was in high school before internet came in home (it’s Eastern Europe ladies and gentlemen, things used to happen more slowly here). But then after that when e-mails came into place we stopped writing to each other and I think the reason about it is that you know that you can do it whenever you want and the recipient will get it in a few seconds. So you just delay it for a bit later and later…..and later… And you never do it. That’s what happened to me though and everyone I know. So what I’m trying to say is that all these things that new technologies give us is nothing more than a faster way for unscrupulous people to get more money and to the rest – to forget what moral, romance and human attitude was all about. Some of you will say that what I’m saying is controversial having in mind I’m using my laptop at the moment but nowadays there would be no other successful ways to bring your real thoughts to a huge number of people.

So basically this was just a prelude to the following shots that mostly represent the  place that makes me feel a real person in the world I used to love some time ago.

Up there above this old TV are old photos of my father when he was a kid, his sister – my aunt, their friends and parents. Things were so different back then.

My uncle on the left and my father. The hat he wears is from a suit of mine when i was a kid. I hated it back then but love it now;)

My mom’s dried peppers. You can’t imagine what magical dishes she does with them but will show you some time later…

My nephew’s brunch. He is 1.5 years old..

No idea where she’s going..


The neighbor. Never lived outside the village. Doesn’t know what globalization means.

My brothers planting an apple tree… or was it a cherry?!?

My father working on the grill …

My nephew’s playground. Hope he loves the place at least 20% as I do.

The grapevine in front only shows the eternity the place brings.. at least to me.. and may be my parents.

After all everything needs fixing…