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If you come to my house you will see that my shells are all covered with all kind of things – or say it in another way: pieces of unusable objects which I started to posses on some level that have no material value but mean something to me (or doesn’t mean anything but I just don’t want to throw them out as they stayed for too long). What I’m trying to say is that it’s difficult for me get rid of my old stuff even though it would be a great possibility to free a lot of space. I just love what I have. Look!

So what happened the other day is that I broke a glass of wine (from my favorite set at home)….well I broke two but that’s another story… and I felt so bad when I had to through it out so I decided not to do it but to use it for something else. So this became this:

This is actually pretty easy to do –> all you need is paint for glass and some old brushes or those the kids use to draw in school or kinder garden. You can buy it from every shop where they sell stuff for artists and painters, you cannot imagine what a huge variety of colors you will find. And also a lot of other equipment if you like the idea. It is good to buy a relief outliner  (the gold color above) as it is very easy to color in between the lines.

The good thing is that you can use it for any purpose. Me personally I bought dried aroma flowers and put them in there. The glass is now in my bathroom and the effect is amazing.

I can assure you once you start you’ll never gonna stop. I mean… come on .. not only you save you lovable set but it’s a perfect new decoration for your place and best thing is that it will definitely be unique. Just to throw you an idea I did it also to a wine bottle which I now use as a vase. And also with a bowl which is just full of some stones as a decoration. And now while I’m talking about it it came to my mind I can draw my jars for pasta and spices..hm..

Try it! You will love it!