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If this is not beautiful then what is? Since I haven’t been in the cooking area for some time, which is actually as much colorful as the autumn, I at least bring my camera with me all the time in case there is something to capture that matters. Well… Autumns matter! Much! Right?

By the way I was thinking it looks a little bit like ratatouille.. Just google the word and you’ll see the same colors. Ratatouille made by sky, clouds, trees and leaves. Mmm…

Or a Persian carpet…

I was traveling a way back from my home town to Sofia with my father, who by the way has very interesting eye on taking photos, and captured these. How lucky was I? You are still not able to see such colors in Sofia. I’m not sure if this is because of the dirty environment because of the traffic and so on…but you just can’t. Just tell me, how lucky was I?!