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I’ve recently discovered this is my favorite city in my country and I didn’t find out earlier simply because I’d never visited it before. My boyfriend, whose name is Hristian by the way, had lived his childhood  in Russe and he took me there some time after we met. I really love it because it’s like time has stopped there and it’s really fascinating by the way – people call it small Vienna and after a while you will see why. Well may be there is a small piece of me that loves it because of the fact my parents graduated there and they’ve told me so much about it, and that Hristian’s family still lives there but this is really not the main reason.

It’s the 5th biggest city in Bulgaria but at the moment it’s not as much industrial and populated as it was in the past. Unfortunately. I still feel sad the economy is moving to the capital and the rest of the cities are dying but that’s the way it is. May be some day things will change.

I went there for the 1st time I think 3 years ago, but I didn’t take any photos up to now. With no obvious reason.

OK. Day 1. We went to the Museum of Transport where I saw some things I never knew they existed.

This, my friends, is the train carriage of the so called Salon Wagon, constructed by the order of Tzar Ferdinand in 1911. The small post section IN the carriage..

This beautiful blue carriage is the authentic exponent of the Salon “Sultanie” – the special carriage of Sultan Abdul Azis built in 1866. And below is how it looks inside.

Let’s go out.

After traveling back in time we decided to take a walk through the city.

What actually happened however is Hristian got so bored of walking around in the city he walked around thousands of times as I was stopping at everything that took my attention ( and some shops for cosmetics ) that we merely had a fight. I don’t blame him. It was my fault that I took him with me when I just had to leave him do his work. And this is what happened. We split and everyone went to do his own stuff.

So I walked…

and walked…

and walked…but it’s started getting dark so there was pretty much no point of taking pictures anymore so I headed myself to a cafeteria which I like a lot and where I can drink some tea and wait for Hristian to come and pick me up. On the way I bought some cooking magazines and some books from a near store, took several more photos even though it was already night.

And he was finally happy.

Day 2. The next day we did pretty much nothing as I didn’t want to push his nerves again as there were some places I wanted to go and he had to bring me there as it was impossible for me to go by myself. So we just went out for a while, bought some food and stopped for a quick cup of tea.

Yes, he fights! But was happy now…

Day 3. I was happy that we caught a perfect weather as it is in the middle of Autumn now and the sun is no coming out of the clouds so often. But this day was perfect and I needed the sun cause the place we went was a lot colorful. This is a park a little outside the city ..amazing in Autumn.

I wonder where these stairs are going. They looks so magical but unfortunately we didn’t have time to find out as we had a lot more to walk and as it is November already it is getting dark a lot sooner and I didn’t want this to happen before I took everything I want. And I succeeded.

Oh.. hello!:)

OK. From what is following you will probably say: “Why the hell did you go to the concrete jungle after such a magnificent park?!” Well..to be honest I didn’t have a choice as Hristian wanted to show me the industrial area and especially TEPS – Russe Termo-Electric Power Station. By the way it was interesting and ….extremely enormous…

Just to mention these above the chimneys are not clouds but steam… and when when we stopped the car so that I can shoot, in a minute the front window was covered with small drops of water.

And tea again..

Well.. ok, a cup of Cappuccino won’t hurt.

And at the very end – the Danube.

And just before it got completely dark, I was done!