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I locked myself in the kitchen all week as I wanted to prepare some stuff for my colleagues and a couple of my best friends and of course for my brother who loves all kind of sweet stuff. I didn’t get the idea however that this will squeeze my energy out completely and bring me the hardest back pains. I swore to myself.. and everyone that I will not get in the kitchen for the next 2 months.. I doubt it.

I’m writing on the kitchen table in my parents’ house at the moment and my mom is making these beautiful and delicious rose cookies ( as she calls them ) and the smell is amazing but even this reminds me how dead I was during the last week.

IMG_0750-4All of this reminds me what I did after work – cooking and baking and mixing and rolling and sdjgksd… and now this smell…..

IMG_0755Anyway following my previous post I wanted to share with you what I cooked for my boyfriend and the presents I prepared for my family and friends.  As we are going to celebrate the Christmas holidays separated  I decided to make dinner just for both of us. Well this wasn’t easy as he said: “I’ll help with everything” but his help consisted pretty much of sleeping on the couch…of course I didn’t expect anything else.

Of course I did all of it with pleasure: and most of all my present was a Pasta Machine… and I loooved it!! Here’s what we enjoyed.

We started with Sandwiches with Poached eggs and Hollandaise Sauce recipe will follow:

IMG_0696Then continued with Roasted chicken with a coconut sauce – Recipe will follow:

IMG_0697And ended with a lot of wine and this amazing Creme Brulee – again recipe will follow:

IMG_0701mmm it was so sweet and light and…and…

I what my friends and colleagues enjoyed:

– Christmas cookies with icing;

– Lime biscuits with egg cream;

– Chilli chocolate cookies;

– Cookies with red berries and pistachios;

– Biscuits with chocolate ganache;

– Chocolate cookies with orange peels;


All recipes will follow….:) Hope you enjoy them. And… Merry Christmas everyone!