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Hi everyone! Christmas is gone but it doesn’t stop us continue to eat, right?

I think that these were my favorite (but don’t believe me each time I say that cause usually all of them are my favorite:) ) I love chocolate… and everything cooked with it. I was talking with a friend of mine the other day as we both love chocolate and I was saying that from all sweets I adore the chocolate ones or those made of cheesy creams and so on.

Anyway back to the subject. These Cookies look very sophisticated and at the same time are very easy to be done, which makes them perfect to prepare if you wish to surprise family and friends.



– 300g chocolate biscuits broke in pieces

– 140g candied orange peels cut in very small pieces

– 350g dark chocolate

– 100g butter

– 100g honey

You will need a baking pan with sizes 20x30cm. Cover it with baking pan. Mix the biscuits pieces with 2/3 of the orange peels and leave them aside. Melt the chocolate butter and honey and stir constantly until you get a soft mixture. Add it to the biscuits and mix well. Pour them into the pan and even the surface. It doesn’t need to be perfectly even. Sprinkle the rest of the orange peels and put in the fridge for at least two hours or a whole night. Then take them out and cut them into small quadrangles or any other shape you like.

And then eat and eat and eat.

By the way they go perfectly well with a glass of wine or not very sweet fruit tea…