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Writing a post with a hang over is definitely not an easy thing to do. I got my friend over last night for a little chatting after work however it turned into something else…. I took out the food, she brought the alcohol and what happened after is better not to tell.

mThis is her by the way and it’s better her boyfriend took her at some point as we were unstoppable and I believe we would be able to drink out the whole world last night having in mind we haven’t seen each other for pretty long time.

Anyway I’m having my post-party hangover plan today. I took a long bath with a loooot of aroma oils.. took one milk thistle pill and and had a very good breakfast: egg on a toast, yogurt with raspberries, blueberries and some cereals and a huge glass of fresh orange juice. This is what is saving my life each time I try to kill myself with wine or whiskey.

oThe orange lamp by the way was a cute idea I saw in a magazine for a candle holder, right?

But OK let’s go back to the point after all.

The Lintser Biscuits are perfect for every occasion. They take a little more time to prepare but there is nothing complicated so you don’t need to worry about anything…



For the biscuits:

– 250g fine sugar

– 1tsp corn starch

– 650g flour

– salt

– 1 vanilla

– 400g soft butter

– 1 egg

For the chocolate ganache:

– 100ml liquid cream; 100g dark chocolate

Put the sugar, flour, starch, vanilla and salt in a bowl. Add the butter and beat with a mixer on a low level until you get a friable mixture. Add the egg and beat again until you get a homogeneous dough. Fold in folio and put in the fridge for at least 30min.

Roll out the dough until it gets around 0.5mm thick. Cut different forms and bake them in a heated oven on 180°C for 10-12mins. I chose stars and circles. All have to be even number as we are going to stick them with the ganache. I did both stars and circles as follows: even number with a whole in the middles and even number normal ones.


To prepare the ganache heat the cream until it boils and pour it over the dark chocolate which you must break into pieces first. Mix until you get homogeneous cream and put it in the fridge for a little bit.

After baked use a syringe to sprinkle ganache on the part of the biscuits with whole in the middle. They of course would be the upper part of the biscuits.

IMG_0705-1Once the ganache tights stick the sprinkled ones with the left ones using the chocolate ganache.

And you are done.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos of the ready ones as I wrapped them to for presents too quickly. But you can make them and see for yourself:)