Cook It

The art of cooking… I don’t mean making your eggs for breakfast (even though I can argue with myself on this) but the full devotion on fulfilling a recipe. It’s like drawing a picture… You have the canvas, the brush, the colorful paint, the oils, your uniform, an idea in your mind or a view to carry on the canvas. It’s not a gift, like what an artist has. Its a complex mixture of desire, scent, love, work and some more. Put them together and you get a masterpiece. 

The pan, the pot , the baking dish are your canvas. The mixer, the knife, the rolling pin and the wooden spoon are your brush. The butter and the stock are your oils. The apron is your uniform. You have an idea…or a recipe… and there is you masterpiece. 

My name is Lora, I love eating, good food, coffee, English movies and music, cooking, photography, I love spring and autumn, Frank Sinatra, people who bring different scent to my life, my son. 

I don’t like globalization and new technologies even though I use them every day.

I have billions of cook books, haven’t tried a recipe of most of them but from the ones I’d done I may say the following: Do NOT improvise in cooking, always follow the recipe. I know how tempting it is to experiment. I personally do it as well. But what I’ve learnt is that even if you get something really nice by improvising you’ll never get what you actually wanted.

So..this is not a recipe…it’s an introduction and small presentation of what I would like to blog about. Just wanted to share my experience with the readers about what I’ve tried in the area, what music I listen while cooking, what glasses or plates I’m using, which movie inspired me..  Generally everything that made me feel good and happy. I’m far away from a professional ..even though I dream for a small bakery but who doesn’t. So please people feel free to suggest, like, dislike, try, make offers, send pictures or share experience of everything you’ve done. I would be glad to do it too..:)


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