Shoot It

Human eye is what gives each person the conception of his own world. We accept after we look. We need to look in order to accept. Images are what helped the world to remember people, cities, nature. They give us happiness, love, desire, hurt, pain, willingness, hunger, thirst, nostalgia… They give the opportunity to others see your own point of view, your colors, your world.

Eyes are showing the inner self – they are wet if we are hurt, red if we are tired, smiley if we are happy, wide-opened if in love, ugly if angry. They make us see when we feel and feel when we see. If it wasn’t the photos which gave us the picture of what it was and it is and what it will be than everything in the world would be so different or so the same but we would never understand.

My equipment:

I’m taking my photos with Canon 450D camera with several types of lenses. I have the Canon 85mm, the wide 17-40mm, 100-300mm and of course 18-55mm ones which I firstly began with when I bought my camera.

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